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At some point in your career you probably made a decision to hire a professional. Maybe you deiced to send out lab work, or utilize a payroll or accounting firm. You determined that it was more cost effective and yielded better results when you hired someone else as opposed to purchasing the equipment, hiring and training the personnel, to complete the work in your office. Why is your software any different? With Sassy, you can eliminate the need for office servers and drastically reduce IT costs.

  • Amazon Web Services - Most people know Amazon.com because it’s where they purchase last minute birthday gifts that somehow arrive in less than 24 hours from a facility hundreds of miles away. However, what Amazon truly offers is an infrastructure, an expertise in providing reliable, high availability computers. Remember, cloud software is just accessing software on a computer over the internet.  When’s the last time you’ve been to Amazon.com and the site was down? We trust Amazon.com's secure facilities, with multiple fail-over services for electricity, climate control, internet connection.

  • ClearDATAClearDATA was built from the ground up by a team of recognized national experts to be healthcare exclusive. ClearDATA is HITRUST certified - the industry’s gold standard for measuring compliance and security. ClearDATA is HIPAA compliant, holds multiple competencies and certificates, and provides the most comprehensive BAA in the industry. We trust ClearDATA to secure all data in Sassy. Click below to read the ClearDATA case study.

Download ClearData Case Study