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At Sassy, we're focused on SOLUTIONS, not FEATURES. This allows us to develop software that's actually easy to use, helpful and addresses the needs of your office. Check out the list below to see how Sassy can help.

I'm FRUSTRATED with the amount of time it takes to complete clinical charts

As fast as you can talk your team can chart almost any procedure, add clinical notes and make referrals.

Our software can't manage MULTIPLE LOCATIONS

Quickly access any office schedule from one location. Access one patient record/chart across all locations.

We can't ACCESS our patient information outside the office

Access patient information anywhere, anytime from any device using our secure, cloud based software.

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We're SPENDING too much money on extra services

No need to pay hundreds of dollars to other companies. Sassy includes email and text reminders, statements and electronic forms.

We're tired of clunky UPDATES and minimal SUPPORT

Updates are done automatically, no need for your office to install or manage updates. 

We need something that JUST WORKS

We partner with the best in the industry to ensure your data is safe and available when you need it. 

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We created Sassy because we noticed that the existing options for dental practice management software were too clunky and confusing. Since the software could not keep up with the pace of the office, one of two scenarios was inevitable. #1, the patient charts were not 100% complete, or #2, people were working through lunch or after hours to complete patient charts. So, we designed Sassy to solve this problem and have addressed many others along the way.

It all started about 15 years ago when a pediatric dentist was looking to improve efficiency in his office. At the time he was paper charting, and required 3 high performing dental assistants to complete patient charts on a typical day of recall appointments. Looking at the significant amount of staff time this required, he decided to move to electronic records in hopes of improving efficiency. After reviewing the software options that were available, he determined that the current solutions would likely slow down his office, not speed things up. So, he set out to create a solution of his own. He took his 15 years of dental experience, understanding the challenges and requirements in a dental office and developed a fast, truly easy-to-use dental charting software. Over the years, he would continue to refine and update the software based on observations in his own office, constantly challenging the status quo.

Not long after he began using his custom software, people started asking if they could purchase it for their office. While the software he was using was not ready for public consumption, he realized that his colleagues had come to a similar conclusion -- current offerings were too clunky and confusing and were slowing down their office. After many years of iterations, updates and tweaks, a professional team of software developers was hired to create Sassy.


The version of Sassy that is available today utilizes the latest advances in cloud based software while staying true to the original concepts created by a pediatric dentist. We still work closely with him and his office as we add new features and look for opportunities to improve our current software




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